Reason for Choosing PC Sheet - Polycarbonate Shelter - Anti-UV PC Sheet -Sunshield Polycarbonate Patio Cover
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Polycarbonate  (PC) is a strong thermoplastic material that is lightweight and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures. This virtually unbreakable, transparent polycarbonate sheet (pc sheet) comes with UV protection on one or both sides and provide remarkable clarity – even after many years of intense sunlight and weather extremes.
Widely Application:
Key Benefit:
  • 98% UV resistance
  • 88% Light Transmittance
  • 250 times Impact Resistance
  • B1 Fire Retardancy
  • Excellent weathering properties (40℃ to +120 ℃)
  • Sound Insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility
  • Energy Saving
weather protection- Sunshield Patio Cover
Here are some information of polycarbonate roofing sheet features. We take 2mm clear PC sheet for example.


The UV blockage is the huge advantage of PC panels, making them the perfect material choice for constructing shelter and awnings for the commercial and residential area.
With an ultraviolet coextruded film on the sunshine, it can prevent the resin yellowing caused by the UV and transfer it into the visible light. It features fine stabilizing effect for the plant photosynthesis. That’s why it is perfect for conservatories. It could resist more than 98% harmful UV. It protects you from UV cancer to a great extent. Thus, it is extremely applicable for protecting the valuable furniture and works of art, not to mention the car and outdoor furniture.

UV Test

UV Coating VS Common - Reason For Choosing PC Shelter-Sunshield Anti-UV Polycarbonate Carport -Polycarbonate Shelter

2.Light transmission

It features great light transmission (up to 88%) and would not be yellow or atomized while exposed to sunshine. Besides, it could block out 75% infrared. After 10 years, the loss of light transmission is 10% while PVC loss rate is 15%-20% and that of glass fiber is 12%-20%.
Reason for Choosing PC Roofing-PC Board Transmittance - Infrared Transmittance -Sunshield Shelter
Impact Resistance - Reason For Choosing Polycarbonate Shelter -Sunshield Shelter

3.Impact Resistance

Polycarbonate sheet is half the weight & 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic.
We used 5.5kg hammer block and from 1.9 height to impact 2mm solid PC sheet.There is no crack on the PC surface after drop-breaker test. It shows that PC sheet has a great impact resistance.
Fire Retardance- Reason For Choosing Polycarbonate Shelter -Sunshield

4.Fire Retardancy

According to the China national standard GB8624-97, PC sheet is graded at the B1 level, flame retardant level. The self-ignition temperature of PC sheet is 580 ℃. It does not produce toxic gas or contributes to the spread of the fire when burning.
Weather Resistance- Reason For Choosing Polycarbonate Shelter -Sunshield

5.Weather Ability (-40℃ to +120℃)

Since it neither hardens at low temperatures and softens at +120℃,  it is no problem to use under extreme element.  Although under that weather, the mechanical properties of polycarbonate sheet do not change obviously. PC sheet is coated with UV-resistance coating on one side and anti-condensation treatment on the other side. It combined anti-UV, waterproof, heat insulation and anti-sweat properties.
Sound Insualtion - Reason For Choosing Polycarbonate Shelter -Sunshield

6.Sound Insulation

Polycarbonate has superior thermal properties to reduce sound transmittance, especially in minimizing heat loss. The sound insulation increased 3-4DB compared with the same thickness of glass. Thus, it is the preferred material for highway noise barriers.
Light Weight- Reason For Choosing Polycarbonate Shelter -Sunshield


As the PC panel is light in weight, it can be easily transported and installed wherever they are required. It could bend between 90°and 180°in the terms of length of PC sheet is longer than the width.

8. Energy Saving

With lower thermal conductivity, heat insulation of polycarbonate board is 7%-25% higher than the same thickness ordinary glass. The heat insulation could be up to 49%. Thus, it reduces greatly the heat loss and is suitable for the greenhouse, pool enclosure, sun house, and solarium. It could keep cool in Summer but warm in winter which saves energy to some extent. For example, if you park your car under the heat insulation polycarbonate shelter in Summer, you would not come into the car like a sauna room. And it is no need to run the A/C to drive away the heat. Does it save energy?
The roof of Sunshield aluminum outside carport is made of 2mm thickness translucent polycarbonate sheet with 50 μm UV coating. Using the raw materials from German Bayer, the pc roof  have 10 year limited warranty and 100% waterproof.

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