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Are you looking forward to enjoying the sunshine but worrying about the damage UV rays? It might be time to DIY carport patio covers if you find yourself looking out the backyard that’s looking bare. It not only values your home but also provides shade all year round.
Before starting, you need to find out what building material you want for your patio cover. There are some options for your reference.

Keep it Classic with Timber

Timber is still a popular choice for being cheaper and conveniently available materials though there are some newer building materials for your patio cover.
However, rain and air humidity damage the wood patio, making it even rotten and collapsed. It’s not suitable for the windy area. One key point you should notice is that timbers need regular maintenance to protect it from the elements and rot. Some tips on timber maintenance for your reference:

  • using a premium, heat resistance paint to reduce heat and UV damage.
  • cleaning your patio frames with bleach to prevent mold growth during damp months.
  • repainting the timber at least every five years to ensure the timber is in optimal condition.

Provide that you don’t want to paint your patio frame regularly and want your patio with a natural look, treated timber is recommendable.

Stay Safe with Steel

Compared with timber, steel patio is stronger and more durable required less maintenance. Certainly, heavy steel frames could be more expensive than timber and difficult to deliver and install. Besides, it might be not harmonized with your garden or veranda.

For the maintenance of steel patio, the primary thing to consider is rusting and corrosion. It is essential that the steel frame should be coated in 100% zinc coating( also called galvanized steel) or in zinc-aluminum combination.

For the galvanized steel, there are two surface treatment ways normally. One is Hot-dip galvanizing which is a chemical treatment(the electrochemical reaction).Another is Cold galvanizing.It is the physical address, just brush the surface layer of zinc, the zinc layer is easy to fall off.Hot-dip galvanizing prevent steel against rust and co orison for several years while cold galvanizing only keep for half a year.

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Steel Patio Cover
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Beauty and Utility with Aluminum

Aluminum material is widely used as outdoor structure material. Recognized as one of the most energy efficient and sustainable construction materials, the aluminum material is widely used as the patio cover, carport etc.
Why choose Aluminum Patio?

  • When used for construction, aluminum structures can weigh 35 to 65 percent less than steel, while providing equivalent strength. It is easy to deliver and assemble your patio. 
  • The best thing of the aluminum frame is maintenance-free. Using the anodized aluminum and electrophoresis surface finish, aluminum patio could be matched the color and styles of your home. Instead of powder coating, electrophoresis treatment could keep the aluminum color fresh and non-fading.
  • What’s more, aluminum porch & patio with sun-resistant polycarbonate roof must be the best choice. The heat protection PC roof lets the sun through but blocks out more than 70% heat and 98% UV rays. It could protect your indoor carpet, window coverings and patio furniture from any weather.

Whatever your choice of material, at the end you’ll have a new outdoor area ready for use all year round, for that get started now to make the most of your backyard and veranda.

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