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FAQ - Shelter Carport
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Sunroom - Sunhouse - Retractable Glass Enclosure - Tea house - Motorized Pool Dome- Sunshield Shelter

1. Your company sells materials or finished products?

We only sell finished products. We offer safe and exquisite carport to every franchisee and customer based on the strict system, great equipment, and perfect design. At the same time, we have left out the processing procedure from the franchise so we have saved a large amount of time and labor cost.

2. Can I check your factory anytime?

Sure, welcome to check our factory anytime.

3. What is your factory production capacity each year?

As a leading carport manufacturing enterprise in China, our factory could produce 2000 carports each year. The turnover is approximately 30 million.

4. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are a large leading carport and the sun shed manufacturing enterprise in China which set design, production, and sales in one. Besides,  we offer bespoke designs with 3D mock-up for your reference. Our products would be customized in sizes and colors as per your requirement.

We have our own factory to produce carports and sun house ensuring the merchandise quality with competitive price. Lastly, our experience sales will never pressure you, we only want to give you a fair and accurate solar assessment to help inform you.

1. What are the minimal tools or materials required for installation?

Electric drill &drill bit; Step ladder; Adjustable spanner or Bolt driver; Shovel; Bags of concrete(no need of base plate installation); Tape measure; Level

2. How many people does it take to assemble one carport?

Single Carport: 2-3 people (with some construction experience & minimal building skills would be better) will be required for holding components straight and roof panel installation. (6 hours installation time);people with no construction experience need to spend more than 6 hours for installation.

Double Carport: 4 people. Assembly will require an extra set of hands( 2 people with some construction experience & minimal building skills, one day installation time) for holding components straight and roof installation. Otherwise, one and half day is needed.

With a modular structure, we ensure that customer could DIY easily. Besides, our engineer team has already fixed some components like the cover plate and drain system with screws. The client just needs to assemble the leg column and roof frame and fix the polycarbonate panel with screws. Thus, It really saves much time on installation.

3. Do you have installation instruction manual?

Yes, we would offer the installation instruction electronic manual and installation video for clients

4. Should I hire a professional or DIY available?

Due to the uniqueness of our carport, all of them can be installed by handy homeowners. However, it is recommended to assemble the carport with someone with some construction experience & minimal building skills.

Some questions to ask yourself when considering DIY or professional installation:

  1. Do I have the minimal tools and materials required?
  2. Do I possess the minimal skills/know how to ensure the carport is installed properly?
  3. Do I have the time to perform the installation properly?

PS: At least 6 hours is required for single carport

If you are unsure of above questions, please contact us for more information. We would help you to choose the appropriate form of installation.

5. Does your carport come with ALL necessary components or tools for assembly?

Yes. Our carport is sturdy. There is no cutting necessary, fasteners to purchase, or further components required for assembly.

6. Which installation method should I choose, embedded concrete footings or base plate installation?

Before choosing which installation method, you need to consider two factors.

ⅠCarport Position

①If you assemble on the concrete, you should make sure the thickness of rigid concrete floor should be at least150mm if you choose base plate installation.

②If you install on a slope. We suggest choosing base plate installation for saving time and installing easier. Certainly, embedded concrete footings are available while you must ensure holes are dug to an appropriate depth and leg columns are subsequently aligned in terms of height.

Ⅱ Overall level of Difficulty of  Installation

In general, base plate installation method is easier and more convenient than embedded concrete footings

Footing installation for your reference.

1. If I want to customize my carport, do you offer technical drawing or 3D mock up?

Yes. The custom carport would come with very detailed drawings reflecting all dimensions and specific instruction for installation, including the footing depth and placement.

Our plans will also include the wind-load and snow-load ratings as well.

2. How long production lead time would it take if I custom carport in size or color?

It spends approx. one week for 3D  mock up design and the production lead time mostly depends on material purchasing time. It would take at least one and a  half month production lead time if you custom carport in size or color. Kindly note that stock item only needs 2 weeks production lead time.

3. How long will it take the carport to be ready after I place my order?

Currently, it takes a month production lead time for carport with standard size once you confirm the order. Kindly note that stock item only spends 2 weeks for production.

4. Do you have strict product inspection system to ensure high quality?

Yes, Sunshield Shelter Co. Ltd with strong technical force have advanced quality inspection system to ensure high-quality components and accessories. Besides, our factory has passed  SGS&TUV certification.

5. What equipment do you use for production?

Using the CNC Cutting Machine and CNC Drilling Machine, it could produce faster and ensure high precision.

6. Will the color affect the price?

Towards polycarbonate carport, standard colors like silver white, silver gray and gold for aluminum frames and polycarbonate roof would not affect the price while optional customized colors might be required a little certain fee.

Towards the tension membrane carport, only white PVDF roof is available.

1. Tensile Fabric Steel Carport and Aluminum Polycarbonate Carport, which one I am better to choose?

We could give you some suggestion while choosing fabric steel carport or aluminum carport with the polycarbonate panel.

Element 1: Price

Steel carport is cheaper than aluminum carport while the lifespan of aluminum carport could be 30 years and 10 years of fabric carport.

Element 2: Weather

If you live in an area with good weather( no hail, heavy snow, and hurricane), we suggest you choose tensile fabric carport with steel frame otherwise choose aluminum carport.Aluminum alloy carport mainly uses aluminum alloy profile which is used in aerospace and aviation industries. The surface of the whole skeleton carport goes through spray treatment so it will never rust. And the strength of aluminum alloy is very high so it can make sure that your car will be very safe even in a bad weather condition of a force 12 typhoon.

Aluminum alloy carport mainly uses aluminum alloy profile which is used in aerospace and aviation industries. The surface of the whole skeleton carport goes through spray treatment so it will never rust. And the strength of aluminum alloy is very high so it can make sure that your car will be very safe even in a bad weather condition of a force 120km/h typhoon.

Element 3: Style

According to customer’s feedback and research, fabric carport is more popular in the Middle East while people in American and other European Countries prefer modern aluminum polycarbonate carport.

2. How to calculate the size I need?

Our standard single or double carport could park the standard car, midsize car, SUV, and passenger Van and commercial car etc. Besides, we could customize carport for RV if you could provide us the car size.

If you are confused the size, please contact sales@sunshielder.com We are very glad to discuss your requirement.  We are professionals so we can provide a right size of the aluminum frame carport to meet your needs.

1. What kind of payment terms do you accept?

There are two payment terms acceptable: one is T/T telegraphic transfer: 30% deposit, 70% should be paid before shipping; another is L/C.

2. Do you offer worldwide delivery?

Yes, we offer worldwide delivery.

3. How much time for the shipping?

1-2 Weeks for Southeast Asia area while 3- 4 weeks for others such as North and South America, Europe etc.

4. Does your price showing online include shipping cost?

No. Because of difference area, the shipping cost differs greatly.The price showing online only for product and packing fee without shipping cost.

5. Do you arrange the whole shipping to my door?

We could arrange the whole shipping to your door. If you have shipping agent, please leave us the contact way and we would contact them directly; if you have no shipping agent, it’s no problem for us to look for reliable shipping agent for you.

6. Are you responsible for product damage during transportation? such as the scratch or broken of some parts?

The price shown on the website is FOB Guangzhou, China. We could not pay the insurance of product.

Shipping Agent is responsible for product image during transportation. But we could help to contact shipping agent to solve the problems.

7. How about your outer packing and inner packing?

The inner packaging is Air Cushion Film 

The outer packing is strong seaworthy wooden cases, cartons, waterproof Tarpaulin as per your requirements.

1.How to prevent the carport from aging?

The aging of the carport mainly lies in the dirt, decreased light transmittance and yellowing during the process of use.

If the carport shakes and rusts, we could take down the original old carport and replace the bolts, broken connection. We will use cement to irrigate the original foundation and re-assemble the carport again whose broken parts have been replaced after the cement dries up.

2. If my carport has some problems, do you offer me a solution?

Certainly. We offer top-notch services. We never follow one-off deal. We promise problem-solving guidance to you.

1. Can I be your local distributor here in my city?

Yes, we have distributors/dealers/agent in USA, Philippines, and India currently. We welcome each reliable distributor in each area, country or city but each one should enter into agent agreement.

2. Do you have branch office or stores in the USA?

Currently no. We are still growing the business. We have agents in the USA now.