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Backyard Aluminum Patio Covers

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If you’re searching for patio cover kits, look no further than the versatile products offered by Sunshield.

Shade for Comfort and Function

Sunshield Patios provides custom aluminum patio cover kits to DIY homeowners and contractors. Our patio covers can provide shade for the porch, veranda, terrace, sundeck, outdoor dining areas, and more.  Regardless of how you plan to use your patio cover, Sunshield’s superior products are a good choice.

Mounted on the wall or set free standing

It protects your investment while providing shelter from rain, hail, snow and blistering heat.Our aluminum patio covers will increase your living space with a beautiful shaded relaxation area and also increase your home’s overall value.

Custom Your Patio Cover, Please Click Custom

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Aluminum Patio Covers are more durable and stable than the wood patio. They are able to withstand whatever fierce weather the climate throws at them. As well, the designers give a great deal of thought to aesthetics, because the roof and supports of the cover are always in view.

These types of covers offer customers many of the same benefits of a more formal construction at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they are easy enough to install, so Weekend Warriors can easily change the mood of their patio in an afternoon.

Detailed Information of Aluminum Patio Covers

Features and Benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers

  • No painting required. and no rotting, rusting or warping [-40℃ to +120℃]
  • Strong, long-lasting, and low maintenance [20-30 years lifespan]
  • 10 years warranty for Polycarbonate Roof
  • Blocks harmful rays of the sun [98% harmful UV & more than 70% sunshine and heat ]
  • Won’t become infested with insects
  • Typically anchored to concrete, deck, or other fixed bases
  • Customise to your home;
  • Larger commercial custom system available for Outdoor Coffee Shop, Shopping mall, walkway cover etc.
  • Enhances the value of your home
  • Noise reduction & Heat insulation & Dust proof
  • Only basic home owner Tools required for installation
  • Optional Accessories for Aluminum Patio Cover [LED light, Polycarbonate sidewall, Support posts]

Frame Details of Aluminum Patio Covers


Leg column - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Leg Column
Leg Column bear the main force of the carport, we use aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with enforced ribs design, strengthening load-bearing and resistance to deformation.

Main Beam -Aluminum Carport Frame - Aluminum Carport with PC Panel- Sunshield Shelter

Main Beam 
we have optimized shockproof design with rubber pads on interbred when connecting the main beam with leg column. We have an invisible shallow groove under the beam for light.

Deputy Beam - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport

Deputy Beam
In order to confirm the strength of customized carport,  aluminum alloy deputy beam would joint with main beam, strengthening load-bearing and resistance to deformation.


NBR Prefab Design - Waterproof Polycarbonate Carport - Sunshield Aluminum Car Parking Shade
NBR Seal
Each panel support and gutter with prefabbed NBR Seal ensure no leaking.Each detail of Sunshield carport is prefabricated, which makes the carport easy to assembly and relocate.

Gutter - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport

Scientific diversion according to the patio cover roof curvature. Collect the rainwater from each direction and export through the drain pipe down to the ground.

Edge Beam Joint Cover- Sunshield Carport - Waterpoorf Carports

Edge Beam Joint Cover
All connection points are stainless aluminum materials which are water proof and will appear as a seamless one-piece construction.


Main Beam Connector - Polycarbonate Carport with Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Solid Metal Carport
Main Beam Joint Cover
With the idea of “create with practical & artistic”, each connector is covered with neat “U” frame cover. The nails will not be exposed to the air and get rusted. The whole structure is neatly joined as a whole.

Beam Cover -Aluminum Carport Frame - Aluminum Carport with PC Panel- Sunshield Shelter

Leg Column Cover
All aluminum frames are sealed with a smooth aluminum cover which leaves no gaps, no grooves, no holes, thus forms a seamless and complete elegant patio covers.

Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Shelter

Different Color For Alum Post
Sunshield Aluminum Patio Covers come with different colors such as silver white, silver gray, gold, white & black. The aluminum surface is coated with Fluorocarbon Coatings or Electrophoresis which confirm colorfast & anti-rust.

Aluminum Patio Cover is any form of small or large weather protection system for a patio, terrace, balcony, veranda or backyard area. Sunshield Shelter supply bespoke premium patio covers which are sure to meet your needs.

The aluminum patio cover is a term that we describe these polycarbonate roof cover, However, they are also recognized as:

Most of our fixed roof (attached roof)aluminum patio covers are made to measure in width and projection(length) and easy to fit in different shapes for easy installation on site. Bases on the DIY concept with modular structures, we offer only a supply around the world. Welcome contact us via email or call us if any problems of assembly. [Installation instruction video & FAQ]

Production & Packing

Advance Production - Susnhield Carport Patio Cover

“Brilliant designs, selection of materials, exquisite workmanship and safety concern” is our basic requirement of production. All parts are machined from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 by CNC machine, ensured high precision.

Packing - Sunshield Carport

In order to let our customers receive our clean and undamaged aluminum patio covers, we would pack them with tight packing.

Options of Outdoor Dining Cover

Polycarbonate Side Screen

Translucent polycarbonate side screen is the perfect solution to protect from draughts and rain and providing privacy on the aluminum patio. Like the roof, side screen could be customized in a variety of colors to suit each taste. Keep you dry in rainy and continue to entertain the guests or read or relax on the patio.

LED Lighting

Automatic LED light could be designed into different lighting effect like flashing, twinkling, floating etc. It could convert into different colors for the birthday party, family day, Christmas gathering, bbq which is controlled by the light sensor.  It is not just the colorful LED lighting effect for gathering. Soft white light is suitable for carport and the patio illumination. You could enjoy reading or have dinner outside.

Support Post

Support Post - aluminum patio covers - Sunshield Polycabonate Veranda_Jc

Removable support posts are easily adjusted to lengthen the projection(Length)  patio cover.  Besides, it could also increase the aluminum patio covers snow-load (Flat roof patio:40cm snow thickness with support post while  20cm snow thickness without it.

Custom Your Aluminum Patio Covers

    Additional information


    8*12', 10*14', 12*16', 14*18', 16*20', Custom Size

    Frame Color

    B35#Light Gold, B36#Silver White, A27#Black,  B1#Silver Gray, Customized Color

    3 reviews for Backyard Aluminum Patio Covers

    1. Kevin L Kevin L

      Sunshield patio turned out great. I do it myself in one day. I am very pleased with the final result.

    2. Richard Richard

      Very beautiful. Could I add a backup beam? I live in Winnipeg city, Canada. What is the depth of the snow if the patio with backup beam? Thanks Richard.

    3. Donald Donald

      seems great in yard. do you set up for me ?

      • Sunshield Shelter Sunshield Shelter

        We would not offer home installation currently for the small order because of high manpower cost. Kindly note that this is the DIY project with modular structures which is easy to install by 2-3 people in several hours. We believe you could do a good job by yourself like our other clients.

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