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Car Shed with Metal Framework and Fabric Top


  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou
  • Brand Name: Shelter Carport
  • Model Number: A05
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Surface Material: Waterproof PVC Fabric
  • Warranty: 5 Years for Frame & 3 Years for Surface
  • Model Size: 237.9*214.5*213.3 Inch (Length*Width*Height)
We are experienced in designing and manufacturing carports of different materials, so it would be easy to find a car shed that best fit your desire.

We applied thick iron profiles in constructing this carport to make the whole structure stable and reliable, and meanwhile, the weight of the shed will be heavier, thus making it stronger to fight against fierce wind.

The flat shading top covered by extensional PVC fabrics which featured rain and UV proof, so that the car shed could provide comprehensive protection to below vehicles, and in addition, there would not be noise and other pollution when it rains heavily or under bad weather conditions.

With our experienced team and plenty stock of materials in our factory, we could manage building this kind of carports in a short period of time, so that whenever and wherever car parking spaces are needed, we could support with our perfect car sheds.

To relieve our customers from worrying about quality problems, we cover a long time assurance to the metal car shed regardless of any possible damage, and during warrant years, we will totally be responsible for repairing and giving tips on maintenance.

Easy installation
Weather resistance
Long lasting
Durable structure

Additional Information

Weight 800 kg



6.2*5.5*3.5 Meter (Length*Width*Height)


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