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Large Aluminum Carport with Waves Top


  • Place of  Origin: Guangzhou, China
  • Brand Name: Shelter Carport
  • Model Number: PC01
  • Frame Material: Hard Press Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface Material: PC Hard Panel
  • Warranty: 10-15 Years for frame & surface
  • Model Size: 234.0*117.0*97.5 Inch (Length*Width*Height)
Aluminum carport of this shape, a combination of aluminum framework and waves shading top, could stop gathering too much water when it rains, and also, other pollution like dust, and bird waste could totally be forgotten.

Due to light weight materials of this aluminum carport, our waves top carports could be easily built in areas like official places, tourist attractions, schools and communities, where parking areas are needed.

We applied PC panels in building this, and due to its hardness and tractility as well as stability and low price, aluminum carports could be used for a long time without getting deformed, meanwhile, costs of this parking area could not be much. PC panels could be made into any color, thus making the structure and the shading top to form a harmonious image.

We are covering our carports a long term warranty, for example, aluminum frameworks are to be assured for 10 years, and it is the same with hard PC panels, which means aluminum carport like this could manage a long life span, and thus costs could be saved in the long term.

Easy installation
Weather resistance
Long lasting
Durable structure

Additional Information


Champagne, Purple, White


6.0*3.0*2.5 Meter (Length*Width*Height)


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