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Large Shade Structures with Wing Roof


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  • Place of  Origin: Guangzhou, China
  • Brand Name: Shelter Carport
  • Model Number: PC03
  • Frame Material: Hard Press Aluminum Alloy
  • Surface Material: PC Hard Panel
  • Warranty: 10-15 Years for frame & surface
  • Model Size: 210.6*218.4*74.1 Inch (Length*Width*Height)
With the development of modern society, cars are flooding at streets and events, and car parking spaces are heavily needed as a a result, so our shade structures are becoming more and more popular.

Carport like this shape has a design of a pair of wings, which form a nice image, and at the same time drain water when it rains, in addition, carports with two wings could provide more space for parking.

Aluminum alloys could be applied to our shade structures, features of which are light weight and firm, and as a result, our carports could be easily handled without costing much, meanwhile, when there’s a urgent demand of car parking areas, our structures could fix the situation asap.

Hard PC panels is our only choice for this kind of shade structure, and with the help of these panels, UV, rains, snow and bird wastes could all be resisted, and thus vehicles could be under good conditions.

Using these materials, our carports could provide services for a long time, and to satisfy clients better, we provide 10-year warranty to such shade structures using these two kind of materials.

Easy installation
Weather resistance
Long lasting
Durable structure

Additional Information


White, Golden, Black


5.6*5.4*1.9Meter (Length*Width*Height)

3 reviews for Large Shade Structures with Wing Roof

  1. Tibarek Tibarek

    Your design seem beautiful. Do you provide installation

  2. Celina Celina

    The design i like. I want to buy some of them for my shopping mall.

  3. Allen Allen

    The pair of wings are nice

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