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Metal Sheds with Tensile Fabric


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  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
  • Brand Name: Shelter Carport
  • Model Number: A01
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Surface Material: Waterproof PVC Fabric
  • Warranty: 5 Years for Frame & 3 Years for Surface
  • Model Size: 236.5*214.5*128.2 Inch (Length*Width*Height)
Metal sheds could support with wonderful parking spaces with the help of link-easy units, where there’s an urgent demand of parking area, there would be a Shelter parking shed.

Metal structure of the carport is ductile and durable, so it’s easy for the installation of the structure and also is hard to collapse even if it blows fiercely, and the arch shading top is perfectly designed for resisting rain, snow and other waste materials.

PVC fabrics are the main material for the shading top of our metal sheds due to their rain, fire and UV proof features, besides, our fabrics extend well, which means that fabric roofs could manage strong winds. With all these features of our fabrics, vehicles could be perfectly protected.

Such groups of carports could be perfect for official buildings, schools, tourist attractions and fairs with their large capacity of providing shading areas.

To extend lifespans of our metal sheds, besides our top quality metal and fabric, we provide assurance of 5 years to main frameworks, and for fabrics, it should be 3, thus making our customers satisfied.

Easy installation
Weather resistance
Long lasting
Durable structure

Additional Information

Weight 800 kg



6.2*5.5*3.5 Meter (Length*Width*Height)

1 review for Metal Sheds with Tensile Fabric

  1. Mastafa Mastafa

    Is this carport for two cars? Can you deliver it to UAE?

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