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Commercial Retractable Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures

Having retractable pool enclosures saves as well on construction and maintenance costs, as only one pool need be maintained where most hotels and complexes have one indoor and one outdoor pool. Insulated enclosures keep the pool warm during rainy and cold days and the 2 retractable means that it can be opened up or closed within minutes for a complete hybrid of indoor comfort and outdoor freedom.


This Retractable  Pool Enclosure is located in The Menshine Gloria Plaza Hotel, China.

There is a gymnasium near the sky pool. With the automatic pool enclosure, clients can enjoy a nice swim after a game of basketball or relax in the pool on a winter morning.


Fixed Skylight: 8X20X0.86m(W*L*H)

Two groups:  8*5m retracting screens in the center

Two groups:  8*5m fixed screens on two sides

The retractable swimming pool enclosures are controlled with Remote Control.

Aluminum Alloy strictures and Clear Poly-carbonate Panel and automatic retractable systems were provided by Sunshield Shelter.

Clear Retractable Pool Enclosures are designed for large span opening roof lights.Operation is generally motorized; (manual option is available).

Using Sunshield auto sun house system for structural safety and ease of operation. With retractable skylights, your enclosed spaces are no longer limited to being indoors spaces only, open it and there is nothing left between you and the blue sky. Sunshield would give you a brilliant solution based on beauty and utility.

The Features & Benefits Come With Retractable Pool Enclosures

  • Quality of Life – A feeling of open airiness within your space and the benefit of light, for example, Light can affect your emotional state, your health, your attitude towards life.
  • Easy Installation – Available Engineer for you to your job site. Only need to provide us your building specification, local construction requirements and the thickness of concrete.
  • Low Maintenance Cost -Save money on costly pool chemicals, high strength aluminum alloy structures would not get rust, aging or oxidized with a 30-year lifespan.
Screen Options
Single-Pane Polycarbonate Panel Optional:4mm; Standard:6mm Optional:4mm; Standard:6mm
Double-Pane Insulated Standard
6mm Toughed Glass & 27 mm Shutter
6mm Toughed Glass & 27 mm Shutter
Main Profile
Main Profile Material High Strength Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
Main Profile Thickness 3-8mm
Aluminum Surface Finish Fluorocarbon Coatings , Electrophoresis (EP)
Maximum span 10M
Each Screen Width Polycarbonate Panel:1.25 M Tempered Glass: 1.5M
Rolling System Automatic Retractable Sliding Bays
Windload  120km/h (Hurricane)
Snowload Span≤ 5m :0.3KN/M2 (Snow Thickness 30CM);
8 m≤Span<5m: 0.2KN/M2

Features of Sunshield Solarium

      • Frame

         Solid Frame - Sunshield Sun Room

        • High Strength Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
        • Main Profile Material Thickness: 3-8 mm
      • Automatic Retractable Bays

        Auto Retractable Enclo - Sunshield Auto Solarium

        • Closed Type or Open Type of Solarium are available by Sunshield
        • Motorized Operation and manual option are optional

      • Weather Strip

        • Triple polypropylene with fin seal


      •  Frame Colors

         Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Shelter

        • Surface Finish: Fluorocarbon Coatings, Electrophoresis
        • High Resistance to Scratch, Fade, Peel, and Chip
      • Door Handle

        Door handle- Sunshield Shelter Sun Room

        • Color Match
        • Euro Style
      • Door  Rolling System

        Door and Window Rolling System - Sunshield Sunroom

        • exceptionally easy and quiet rolling system that will never wear out


Custom Your Solarium


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