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Insulated Solarium & Home Green House Enclosure

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Lose yourself in the beauty of the outdoors by adding a solarium to your home.  Add a new dimension to your home’s character and enjoy a unique new living space full of natural light

Adding tremendous value and enjoyment to your home, Sunshield Solarium combines dramatically styled glass /polycarbonate panels, which are pre-cut, pre-drilled and ready to assemble.

To learn more about the features and benefits of our straight eave solariums below.

From floor to ceiling, Sunshield solarium gives you maximum views of your surroundings thanks to its screen roof and wall. Each solarium is manufactured with our 2-inch thick double pane insulated toughened glass and shutter inside or polycarbonate panel to improve heating and cooling performance.


The Features & Benefits Come With Sunshield Solarium 

  • Quality of Life – A feeling of open airiness within your space and the benefit of light, for example, Light can affect your emotional state, your health, your attitude and your family life.
  • Added Living Space – Widely use:  outdoor dining room, spa/gym, reading room, work, kitchen, greenhouse etc.
  • Easy Installation – Available Engineer for you to your job site. Only need to provide us your building specification, local construction requirements and the thickness of concrete.

Features of Sunshield Solarium

      • Frame

         Solid Frame - Sunshield Sun Room

        • High Strength Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
        • Main Profile Material Thickness: 3-8 mm
      • Automatic Retractable Bays

        Auto Retractable Enclo - Sunshield Auto Solarium

        • Closed Type or Open Type of Solarium are available by Sunshield
        • Manual Push or Electric Push are optional

      • Weather Strip

        • Triple polypropylene with fin seal


    • Frame Option

       Aluminum Frame - Sunshield Shelter

      • Surface Finish: Fluorocarbon Coatings, Electrophoresis
      • High Resistance to Scratch, Fade, Peel and Chip
    • Door Handle

      Door handle- Sunshield Shelter Sun Room

      • Color Match
      • Euro Style
    • Door  Rolling System

      Door and Window Rolling System - Sunshield Sunroom

      • exceptionally easy and quiet rolling system that will never wear out


Custom Your Solarium


    1. Kathy Kathy

      It is so nice to stay in our room anytime without the bugs and enjoy the surrounding nature sounds and sights.Thanks Sunshield

    2. Jackson Jackson

      A perfect place to appreciate all those beautiful autumn colors no matter the temperature. The professional engineer came to our resort so it is easy to install. We built it as an outdoor dining enclosure. It’s attractive.Thanks Sunshield

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