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Polycarbonate Veranda Cover with LED Light

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We would prefer to spend more time in our veranda and garden in Summer. It is important to take good care of our veranda furniture for it to last as many summers as possible. Both wood furniture or sofa can take a lot of damage, both in winter and in summer. This can be due to rain, wind, hail, snow, sun, and so on.


Some would choose furniture cover to protect furniture but it is trouble to remove every day. And we could only seat at night due to hot furniture under the sun. So, why not choose a polycarbonate veranda cover?

Polycarbonate roof is used for either covering areas in and around patios, garden, and backyard, veranda or for carports. Sunshield heat insulation polycarbonate veranda could block out 98% harmful UV rays and more than 70%  heat rays. It protects the furniture from discoloring. Besides, we find that the temperature gap between furniture under polycarbonate roof and exposed to the sun could be 15℃  distance.(values measured by us and not guaranteed values for the product)

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weather protection- Sunshield Patio Cover

A basic requirement to protect yourself or furniture from the damaging UV rays from the sun is easily solved with heat-resistance 98% anti-UV polycarbonate roof we offer. Unlike aluminum roof, polycarbonate veranda cover could block out more than 70% sunshine but still let the light through. So it would not get dark under the cover.

For rainy weather, 100% waterproof panel with prefabbed NBR seal ensure no leaking. Smooth large aluminum gutter and drain pipe let the drain flow quickly to avoid overflow or leaking.

Removable support posts and side polycarbonate panel ensure a higher level of wind-resistance and therefore a higher rating in wind and rain.

All of our aluminum veranda covers are tested in various area and could resist 120kn/h hurricane and at least 20cm snow thickness (standard items). More snow load and wind load could also come true with the custom profile.

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors in the evenings or simply relaxing but always feel forced to go back indoors once it starts to get a bit cooler and dark, Sunshield Veranda Cover with LED light has the ideal solution for you.LED light is optional in different colors and integrated into the main beam and leg column. Veranda cover with LED light control with a wall switch.

To get ultimate all year round weather protection, you need a product to have a permanent and solid coverage such as aluminum backyard roof. Sunshield aluminum outdoor dining cover, terrace cover or porch awnings give you an all-year round weather protection. No fear of heavy wind ripping away the fabric cover; No fear of sudden rain during eating.

Frame Details of Outdoor Dining Cover


Scientific diversion according to the polycarbonate patio cover roof curvature. Collect the rainwater from each direction and export through the drain pipe down to the ground. No leaking or overflow

2.Edge Beam Joint Cover

All connection points are stainless aluminum materials which are waterproof and will appear as a seamless one-piece construction.

3.Leg Column Cover

All aluminum frames are sealed with a smooth aluminum cover which leaves no gaps, no grooves, no holes, thus forms a seamless and complete elegant patio covers. LED light could also install instead of leg column cover as you like.

4. NBR Seal

Each panel support and gutter with prefabbed NBR Seal ensure no leaking.Each detail of Sunshield carport is prefabricated, which makes the carport easy to assemble and relocate.

5.Main Beam 

We have optimized shockproof design with rubber pads on interbred when connecting the main beam with leg column. We have an invisible shallow groove under the beam for light.

6.Leg Column

Leg Column bear the main force of the carport, we use aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with enforced ribs design, strengthening load-bearing and resistance to deformation.

Colors For Alu Frames & Roof

Colors for Aluminum Porch - Sunshield ShelterExcept for these four stock colors for aluminum frames, we could also custom other colors such as gray, matt gray, dark brown, champagne etc.










Colors for PC Panel- Outdoor Dining Cover - Sunshield Aluminum Patio Covers


Heat protection polycarbonate imported from German Bayer could protect you and furniture from heat waves.At least 15℃ temperature range between that is exposed to the sun and under polycarbonate roof.Besides, it can even withstand being hit with the hammer.[Approx. 200 times stronger than glass]
Certainly, available customize in different colors and whether matt or not.

Options of Outdoor Dining Cover

Polycarbonate Side Screen

Matt polycarbonate side screen is the perfect solution to protect from draughts and rain and providing privacy on the aluminum patio. Like the roof, side screen could be customized in a variety of colors to suit each taste. Keep you dry in rainny and continue to entertain the guests or read or relax on the patio.

Support Post

Support Post - aluminum patio covers - Sunshield Polycabonate Veranda_Jc

Removable support posts are easily adjusted to lengthen the projection(Length)  patio cover.  Besides, it could also increase the aluminum patio covers snow-load (Flat roof patio:40cm snow thickness with support post while  20cm snow thickness without it.

Custom Your Veranda Cover

    Additional information


    8*12', 10*14', 12*16', 14*18', 16*20', Custom Size

    Frame Color

    B35#Light Gold, B36#Silver White, A27#Black,  B1#Silver Gray, Custom Color

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    1. Ross W Ross W

      Great. Want to know where do the LED light assemble? And how much for 8*12′ with LED light? Show me some pictures, please.

    2. Brett W Brett W

      I’m looking for an 11’ x 30’ veranda cover in black. Pricing?

    3. Marvin Marvin

      Interested in your product and a kit approx size 16w. X. 18 long. Patio cover with LED light price, please

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